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IVF Treatmet in Europe

Do you want ...........

  • Published Success Rates of 60%*
  • Leading Consultants and Venues
  • Higher Standards of Care and Practices
  • Personal One to One Support and Guidance from IVFSS
  • A Positive Experience of IVF
  • A Jargon Free, Individually Designed Package to fit around your medical and personal needs

Then IVFSS can offer you all of this and more with our  Programme.
An initial consultation is required with Mr J Onwude to discuss your medical history, the options available to you and help you make an informed choice and plan for the future.Initial consultation fee £225, this appointment can be carried out in either Chelmsford,Brentwood or London. Please check with any personal medical insurance as the cost of this consultation may be covered. For all other costs please contact IVFSS for a fixed price programme breakdown. 

When you undertake the  Programme you will benefit not only from the brilliance and expertise of three leading Consultants in Fertility and Gynaecology, but, will gain complete support from IVFSS. From the moment that you undertake your initial assessment you will be able to relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands and are giving yourself the very best chance of success. Published success rates for all treatments at IVF Kliniken Falun can be found on their web site, but, for IVF/ICSI in 2010 were 60%*
' is No 1 worldwide in terms of IVF results'. In  IVF has according to annual reports been the leading country worldwide when it comes to success rate, i.e. “take home baby rate”.
The  Programme means that you do not need to do anything. No need to worry about booking consultations, flights, accommodation, medication or treatments, even the programme price is set so there is are no more worry about hidden costs and mounting bills along the way! (please see the Times Article on the News Page of the site)
If you have already attended a clinic for their open day you will be aware that in most clinics you only actually see your consultant once or twice and for each of these consultations you are charged an extra fee. For the rest of your time in their care you are seen by the clinic manager or nurseing staff. However, from the moment that you start the  Programme this will never be the case! every appointment that you have, be it for medication review, blood tests, scans or schedule planning will always be with Mr Onwude in England or Dr Waldenstrom/Prof.Nilsson in . Although they do have there own nurses and medical staff, decisions about your care and treatment will always be made with your consultant and you will see them at every appointment.
How many times have you had your consultant phone you at home just to check that you are ok? or have been given their personal phone numbers incase you have any questions or are unsure about something? Well with the  Programme you will experience exactly this from the very beginning, you will not only be able to access IVFSS at all times, but also the consultants.  
If you are still unsure that the  Programme is right for you, think about the following again:

  • You will be accessing success rates of 60%*
  • Unlike any other clinic you will have the full support and guidance from IVFSS
  • You will incorporate a fantastic 1 week holiday in one of the most beautiful, unspoilt countries of the world with you IVF cycle, enabling you to concentrate fully on your treatment and your partner, without the daily complications of life at home. Relaxation and a stress free environment has been proven to assist and improve the chances of success. You can even go skiing, Husky Sledging, ice fishing, boating and many other exciting activities during your free time in Falun if you wish. 
  • The  Programme carries out ICSI and Blastocyst as standard practice, at no extra cost, unlike other clinics in England!

The  Programme is individual in its approach, care and medical treatment of couples, so if you want what no one else is offering - THE BEST! then contact Tamsin at IVFSS for more details about the  Programme. (For more information about Falun and your time there and frequently asked questions about IVF please visit the IVFSS Forum under the heading of 'Welcome to IVFSS Forum' )

*Up to the age of 39yrs Old